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About Us

MyFnBworld is created specifically for all individuals and corporation in the Food & Beverage (FnB) industry!  Combining every entity into one membership that is amazingly beneficial for all.  This web portal is created to enhance awareness and knowledge in the Food and Beverage industry by integrating all aspects and individuals in the field to more efficiently gain better understanding and knowledge of all related sources.

MyFnBworld is your new ONE Stop F&B portal which is also the most comprehensive. 

Not sure what or where to have Breakfast? Lunch? Hi-Tea? Dinner? Or Supper?   No worries, we are sure you will always find something interesting here.  Our aim is to make it effortlessly for you to find what you really want even when you are not sure what that is.  It is simple and enjoyable to browse our thousands of listing of restaurants places in our database.  Just tell us where you are? What you like? Do you need Wifi? Drive Thru? Or the other options available.  Just click on the option and the available listing will appear.  Looking for a nice place to hang out with your buddies? Gust where you can find it???  Yes, we also have a Hotel & Resort listing that include all the f&B places in each facility.  Check them out, chefs and their crew are ready to serve you their best cuisines…

You can benefit even more from this site if you are someone working in F&B and Hospitality industry.  You can visit our Job & Career to find a job.  If you are hiring, you may list the openings here.  Food suppliers, schools, or all related business should list your business here so that restaurants and hotels purchasing can find you easily in this MyFnBworld Mega Mall.

The Knowledge Centre is created to share knowledge with anyone who is interested to learn more.  This is the place where student, restaurant owners, researcher and even consultant can find basic information and links for whatever projects they are working on.  Check us out and let us know what you like to know more that isn’t here yet.  Last but not least, be a member of MyFnBworld today to be connected…

F&B Home
Restaurant This is a listing of all the food and beverage outlets in this country that we can find. If you think there is any new or existing good places that should be listed here, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to have them here.
Hotel & Resort This is a listing of hotels in this market. Unlike traditional hotel listings, our focus is F&B. We will list all f&B outlets that are available in each facility so that you can find them easily.
Entertainment This is a listing of entertainment sports in this country. The facilities listed here are all decent places with no hangky panky business. Our intention is to promote the entertainment industry whom are serving legal beverages in this country while providing local as well tourist with fun entertainments.
Industry Resources
Job & Career Looking for a job in F&B industry? Search no more. Here is where you can find all the job opportunity in this industry. And that including every position in the kitchen and food production as well as the management of all food companies.
Directory This industry directory is made easy for the industry to do their procurement and purchases. We only list all related and properly established business entities that offer products and or services that are require by F&B and Hospitality industry. Please let us know if you cant find something here that is require in your restaurant.
Classified Ad This section offer any other short term, add hock business and services to the industry. For example: Restaurant for Sale, Temporary or seasonal product supply, Special clarence promotion, Special repair services, Some interesting F&B business offering, Freelance services, land for sale to be used for f&b, Shop offer to F&B business, association activities, local competition, special home cooking classes and anything that is beneficial to the industry. If you are a non profit organization, please kindly contact us and we will be happy to assist.
News / Events
News Our intension is to keep you informed with the latest local and international news simply by directing you to the original source of the news. You are encourage to subscribe direct from the original bublication and learn more. We hope that you and your business can benefit from these important reporting and from these industry professionals.
Events Here you will find the listing of all related industry events, domestic and international.
Knowledge Centre
Knowledge Centre is a place where the MyFnBworld team had put together basic information on some very important subjects where student, food lover, restauranter and new industry enterprenuer can refer to when needed. The information provided here are the basic for your quick reference when doing a report, research, procurement or discussion. Please note that our intention is to help you gather knowledge easily and efortlesly. Links may be provided when available or appropriate.
Beverage Beer, Cocktails & Spirits, Coffee, Tea, Trendy Drinks, Wine….
Food Chocolate, Halal Food, Ingredients, Meat, Seafood, Vegetable…..
Books Industry Magazines, Books …..
Recipes Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Western, Bakery…..
Equipment & Technology Bakery, Refrigeration, Coffee, Combi, Fryer, Ice Machine, Dish Washing, Ventilation…
Bakery Ingredient, Accessory, Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery…..
Eco Carbon Footprint Calculator, Carbon Neutral Program, G Business Opportunity, Global Warming, Green Policy, Green Technology…
Hygiene Food Safety, Food Hygiene, HACCP…..


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